Is the pre-summer diet talk getting to you?

Read these 3 articles recommended by our Sex and Relationships editor, Meli

Here are some articles to remind you that you are more than your body, and you always deserve pleasure!

A person with short hair is kissing the stomach of a person with their breasts exposed. Intersectional feminism.

Soft In All The Wrong Places by Elizabeth Greenberg

“Maybe a double chin is not the enemy, maybe stomach rolls or untoned legs are not the demons you make them out to be. Maybe what is too malleable, what needed hardening, is your self-esteem, your heart, your resilience.”

Bodily Intrusion: Anger towards the Inner Male Gaze by Alice Lang

“I am angry at the patriarchy, its quirks and qualms, but I am most spiteful, even most fearful, of those shards that have entered my own heart and mind, that no amount of learning, self-discipline, self-growth, thus far, have been able to shed.”

An illustration of the Earth on a purple background.

Dear Past Me, You Are Not On This Earth for Male Gratification by Anonymous

“Dear past self, you are more than a clockwork curiosity for the male mind. Dear past self, it is not you who is to blame. Dear past self, free yourself from the make-shift cage of male eyes. You deserve better.”