When I’m Angry I Write Letters: A Photo Series

Writing letters is something a therapist suggested to me as a way to cope with my emotions. It was a very difficult time for me; in one year I had endured a sexual assault and also had made attempts to take my own life. I was angry at everything and had grown reliant upon unhelpful practices like substance abuse, disordered eating and self harm. I told her about a typewriter I had and we thought together it would be cathartic to punch out my thoughts onto paper and keep them somewhere safe. That way they wouldn’t be in my head anymore.

This important and powerful series is an anonymous submission

CW: Mention of sexual assault, suicide attempts, self harm and an eating disorder

I’ve always found solace in writing things out. Nowadays rather than letters I write poetry. There is something soothing about being able to put my energy and emotions into words on a page. These letters are a few years old now but I like time and again to reread them and reflect on the journey I’ve gone on since I wrote them. I’m reminded that while in the moment I felt so so angry and devastated by things around me, that I have been able to build myself back up again slowly. 

Here is a list of mental health charity helplines for anyone who might benefit from talking to someone: