A dark-skinned female body is portrayed. Dancing across her hips are white outlines of people. Two of them are standing and one is in a wheelchair

Through the Looking Glass: Violence and the Female Body in Mainstream Pornography

Article by Sophie Somerville, Sex and relationships writer.

In the final throes of my Masters degree in Gender Studies, I have been watching a lot of porn. As an aspiring sex educator with a background in film studies, the research for my thesis has gradually gravitated towards a focus on porn studies. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but alas – hours upon hours of porn consumption has not been the kind of cop-out “research” that it might sound to be.

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Our lovely poetry editors Marnie and Clea have put together some of their favourite submissions from June. Read on for some beautiful queer love letters.

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Conversations on Disability with Jennie Carmichael

Speaking to Jennie was electric and although she is only in her early twenties, her story demands to be written about. She is an academic, passionate woman who campaigns against ableism on her social media platforms – and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I loved speaking to her.

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Conversations on Disability

Looking back now, it was steeped in a strange loneliness because although my phone was buzzing with messages of love and care – I was alone. But MS is not unique, in fact around 1 in 500 have MS and there are approximately 7000 new
diagnosis each year in the UK .

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