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A Listicle to Soothe the Soul

Three articles that show that ‘Arts and Culture’ at Clitbait is a broader section than you might expect.

Queer Culture and Football
  1. 1. Ahead of the Women’s world cup that is happening in July:

A Pride of Lionesses: the Queer Culture of Women’s Football by Ruby Hann, Graphic by Peggy Mitchell.

“We’d bonded with the couple over not just our love of the Lionesses …but through a tacit acknowledgement of our shared queer identities…”

2. To inspire the taste buds and help join the conversation on food as the highest of all the arts?

Market Research by Sofi Pla.

“Not only does curating a menu and brand aesthetic appeal to a certain creative megalomania, but it also helps sustain a secret conviction that Food is the finest of all the arts.”

3. A return to Joyland, after it has finally premiered in the UK for the first time!

On Joyland: why does Pakistan have a problem with trans love stories? by Laila Ghaffar.

“I want to scream ‘abolish the nation-state’, but that would be embarrassing…If people like Saim Sadiq can continue to make their art, maybe we can start to reconcile with what was, what is, and what can be.”

Title graphic by Sofi Pla.