stripping the myth

Stripping the Myth: Masturbation 

Roll up, roll up, and welcome to our brand-new series ‘Stripping the Myth’! Here, we will be exploring all things sticky and sexy, shunned and shamed, embarking on a journey of discovery through the deconstructing and de-bunking of sex myths.

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A dark-skinned female body is portrayed. Dancing across her hips are white outlines of people. Two of them are standing and one is in a wheelchair

Through the Looking Glass: Violence and the Female Body in Mainstream Pornography

Article by Sophie Somerville, Sex and relationships writer.

In the final throes of my Masters degree in Gender Studies, I have been watching a lot of porn. As an aspiring sex educator with a background in film studies, the research for my thesis has gradually gravitated towards a focus on porn studies. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but alas – hours upon hours of porn consumption has not been the kind of cop-out “research” that it might sound to be.

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