Heat Rises

Looking for some poetic inspiration? Our poetry editors Clea and Marnie have picked out some of their favourites! Click through to read.

I don’t know about you, but here in the poetry corner of the Clitbait universe, it’s getting a little bit clammy. As we move into the steaming summer months, we can start to feel quite sluggish. Our thoughts – and words – may become a little bit hazy. But luckily, our glorious contributors seem to have cooler heads. Check out our collection of sizzling stanzas to quench your poetry thirst.

Ok, that’s us done with the wordplay. For now!

Energy Bills to Rise by 80%

by Renite Gosal

‘hearts radiating, we carry each other home / from the pub to unheated flats’

Future Feminist Fantasy

by Emma Chan

‘By the time the cold Winter bite comes, I am happy and fat.’

window seat or aisle?

by Anna Shabi

‘melt me into molten and embolden me’.

Graphics by Peggy Mitchell.