5 Lines Thoughts On…

From world-shifting crises abroad to major decisions and events taking place here in the UK, it’s no doubt been an overwhelming time. The task of creatively expressing our thoughts about such difficult times can often swallow our energy instead of fuelling it. That’s why we asked our readership to note down an emotional response to a current issue in no more than 5 lines. See them here!


By Lucy Fitzgerald 

Horseshoe ends, hope and doom

Is indifference survival? tenderness only at home

Regression and delusion, we’re under the dome

Generational gap, seal it shut please

Coming up for air but we can’t breathe

We Refuse To Be Poor

By JJ Fadaka


Refute your subjugation. 

Truthfully, tell me how you feel. 

Before I noticed the pain 

Peacekeepers kept me fooled.


By Olivia McGeachy

Hammering away is ma heart, telling me tae start

tae shout, tae find ma voice, use it, prove it

We’ve been had, they’ve got us aw proper mad

We’re screaming from oor screens, divided it seems

And ah’m sat here wondering whit it aw means


By Veronika Gikas

i wish for the day for the world

to be quiet. 

but i know 

on that day

we will have to scream.

Energy Bills to Rise by 80% 

By Renite Gosal

 woolly jumpers on stools, whispering dreams into morsels of reality

my girls hold it down – golden hearts, shield the green glow of greed

our shared words stitch wounds shut. re-process, speak, grieve, heal.

hearts radiating, we carry each other home from the pub to unheated flats

amber leaves fall around us, like the bodies of the freezing.