Text reads: Clitbait in conversation with: CERT Scotland


Clitbait meets with CERT Scotland, a research-based organisation campaigning for better access and information about contraceptive healthcare across Scotland. Co-presidents Kate Astbury and Lucy Wellman discuss their current campaign against stealthing, a form of sexual violence.

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Talking anxiety with Nin-ja

Most alt-R&B tracks are centred around more or less the same thing – love. Love in all its agony, love in all its euphoria. But Nin-ja wants to dig deeper than that. The singer-songwriter’s just released her new single Lockjaw where she sings candidly about her struggles with anxiety. Nin-ja’s been in the music game for about four years now, but after taking a brief hiatus, she’s back with a new single and more honest than ever. 

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An interview with Rosie Taylor

Rosie, a second year student and the current LGBT+ Officer at Edinburgh University talks about the process of writing an open letter against the horrifying misconduct of a university gym manager…

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