Meet the CB team: Clara Dunn

Meet the Clitbait Team: an interview with Clara Dunn, Communications Officer…

Name, role and pronouns:

Clara (she/her), Communications Officer.

Fun fact:

My Superman/Batman fanfic routinely ranks top 10 on Wattpad (#4 13/2/23).

What does intersectional feminism mean to you?

To me, intersectional feminism means acknowledging that other women (& other people) have been impacted by patriarchy in vastly different ways and by other ‘isms’ in ways that I will never be, which means stepping back and listening and supporting their fights as staunchly as I would advocate for myself. 

What is your favourite thing about Clitbait?

I enjoy Clitbait’s Dear Past Me series. It reminds me that we all have made mistakes and have insecurities and worries, but that we’re all brilliant in spite of them. 

What inspires you?

E L James + MenWriteWomen quotes, in that I can and have written better and that I want to make it so that kind of stuff almost never gets published. Fleabag. Elle Woods. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Flawless ft. Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie. I May Destroy You and Chewing Gum. Songs by Doja Cat. Female gaze Harley Quinn. 

What things do you do outside of Clitbait that you are proud of?

Outside of Clitbait, I write novels, stories, poems and perform at a couple of open mics in Edinburgh.

A feminist confession:

I’m a feminist but I’ve never really gotten involved in any real activism!

A personal feminist triumph? 

I wrote my dissertation on Fifty Shades of Grey. I took apart the problems in the romance tropes E L James’ used to set up the story [I actually love romance, no-one attack me] and discussed the attitudes in the media coverage of it.