Market Research: Hot Grill Summer!

There’s something empowering about standing over the grill and being the master of your own and other peoples’ delicious destiny. It is, in other words, playing boss, or as I like to say, Grill Maester Boss Legend. Sure, in our part of East London, my lovely boyfriend will forever be the one that gets called ‘boss,’ (thanks boss, safe boss, in a bit boss) but let’s not get confused. The moment I put on that apron, carefully write up today’s menu, and watch over our grill like it’s an actual infant child, the only boss here is me…

Now that Arepatoire’s pop-up Market stall has officially opened for trade, it’s Hot Grill Summer season. That means embracing all things I would have previously avoided like the plague: Heavy Lifting, Instruction Manuals; Local Council Liaison; Excel Spreadsheets and Disciplinary meetings with our chosen Wholesalers… But it’s so worth it. What wouldn’t you do in the name of total artistic freedom?

There is truly nothing more rewarding than chatting with our real-life customers. Finally, live responses to our creations. Getting to hang out with the one I love all day. Making friends with our neighbours and putting smiles on lots of new faces. It’s empowering because it’s hard work, and it’s empowering because it’s extremely fun.

So if any of you lovely readers happen to wend your way into the London Borough of Newham this summer, come down and say hey. Taste some lovely Colombian Italian fusion arepas and put a smile on my little face! Catering for our community; each of our rotating daily Market menus and specials are 100% Vegetarian, Halal and of course, Gluten Free. This Hot Grill Summer is one that all of us can enjoy together! 

Arepatoire Pop Up Summer Market is now open on Pilgrims Way, East Ham, E6

Tuesday-Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm

Follow the IG story at @arepatoire

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