Image of Mary, Clitbait's artist of the month.

About the Artist: Mary Bowen

Mary Bowen is a 23 year old painter who works with textile, sculpture, ceramic, and installation pieces. There is an underlying mysterious and magical element in her work that comes from her interest in alchemy and surrealism, from which she selects symbolism that often interrogates psychology, philosophy, and rites of passage, such as life, death, and love. 

She has received Shortlisted for Arts Thread’s Global Design Graduate Show in collaboration with GUCCI. Head to our website to see more of her beautiful and haunting creations!

She says that: 

“My work explores freedom, joy, and excitement via the surreal and carnivalesque. The carnivalesque uses humour, mockery, and chaos to subvert power relationships, and liberate from the status quo, temporarily creating a new world that can lead to societal change. A world in which eccentric behaviour and unlikely interactions occur due to the increased unity and equality among people, caused by boundaries between people being broken down. The carnivalesque as a concept is a liminal time in which the world is turned upside down, and often results in surreal, nightmare or dream-like happenings and imagery.”

Head to her website to explore more of her wonderful worlds: