About the artist: Coline Dünya

Coline is a young photographer of French-Turkish descent based in London. Her beautiful and thoughtful work has been and featured in PhotoVogue Italia and granted her a nomination in 2020 for the Sony Photography Awards, youth category. We asked Coline to speak about her relationship with photography: 

“From a young age, I have been sensitive to colour, details and have noticed the quirks and beauty of people in my surroundings. Having access to an incredible range of exhibitions of photographers across London, watching films such as the ones directed by Wong Kar-Wai and having a multi-cultural French and Turkish background have also inspired me to dive into image-making. I started by experimenting with friends, taking their portraits using natural lighting and props I had around, incorporating different fabrics and set designs. In 2020 I shot a series of portraits of my friend Anzhelika for which I received a nomination for the Sony Photography Awards, youth category. I used holographic fabric and pearls I found in the Brighton lanes to give a sence of elegance and simplicity to the images. I wanted to play with staged and candid portraiture and question the role of women as an object in portrait photography.” 

Model: Anzhelika Graceva