The Twelve Days of Clitmas: 6th Day

Six games for playin’…

Beth Simpson, Society and Community Editor

Look, we can’t deny the Boris-faced, virus-infested elephant in the room that this year hasn’t been great. But in the spirit of holiday cheer, I thought I would offer a bit of light relief from all of that by giving you a carefully crafted selection of holiday gifts. Yes, that’s right, I am joining the canon of Destiny’s Child, The Muppets and carol singers far and wide to give you my take on the Twelve Days of Christmas; the aptly named Twelve Days of Clitmas. For the last few weeks, I have been gathering nuggets of both wisdom and fun from many wonderful people, which I (your true love) will give to you (our Clitbait readers) as festive treats for the next twelve days. From holiday recipes, to wild swimming spots, to tips for a more pleasurable sex life, I hope there will be something in this for everyone! So, get the chestnuts roasting as I pop these gifts under the metaphorical tree and let’s end the year with a smile.

Six games for playin’:

Let’s use our locked down time wisely shall we, by gathering together and playing some good old fashioned fun-for-five-minutes-until-everyone-gets-too-competitive-and-we-all-fall-out-but-it’s-all-in-the-name-of-having-a-laugh, games. For today’s gift, I chatted to the Clitbait team to find out which festive fooleries would be seeing them through the holiday season. Laughter and lightness can see us through this time, so please take inspiration and INDULGE IN THE SILLINESS!

Laila, Co-founder — Where is the Boot

“We play a game called “Where is the boot”. One person hides “the boot” in any place they like. This can be a fictional place, like Narnia, or a very real-life place, like the garden shed. Everyone has to ask you yes or no questions and together, figure out where you put the boot”

Sophie, Poetry Editor — Beach Cricket 

“After a Christmas day of eating prawns and drinking beer and gnawing on cold ham, we wander down to the beach before dusk and play cricket. I’m totally rubbish at it but it’s so fun and happy and warm. I love it.” (Sophie is not currently living in the UK…)

Manvir, Arts & Culture Editor — Trivial Pursuit

“We play the family edition of Trivial Pursuit so that my 10-year-old brother can feel included haha”

Caitlin, Politics Editor — The Sofa Game

“There’s the sofa game… Basically you have two sofas and divide everyone into two teams. Everyone “swaps names” by writing down their name on a piece of paper, putting it in a bowl and drawing a new name. You then have one open space on one of the sofas and whoever is sitting to the right of the space says, “I want X to come and sit next to me”, and you have to guess what everyone’s new names are. One team wins by getting their whole team sitting on one of the sofas.”

Lilah, Co-founder — Guess the Rule

“We play a game where one person goes out the room and everyone else thinks of a rule. This could be about what they say, or an action they do. When the person comes back in, they have to ask everyone a separate question and each person has to answer it whilst doing the rule. The aim of the game is to guess what the rule is.”

Kirsty, Social Media & Outreach — Which wan of us is the Queen (my personal favourite)

“After watching the Queen’s speech, we take it in turns to see who can do the best impersonation. Btw, the trick is instead of saying “one” you say “wan”.

Header image also by the wonderful Beth!