Women and the Climate Crisis: A More Complex Narrative?

The last decade has seen an increasing focus on gender equality and the impact of the climate crisis. In 2019, Greta Thunberg was named Time magazine’s woman of the year, and in 2022 women and climate change was named a top priority by the UN for COP27 negotiations in Egypt. However, within the dialogue, there is no room for queerness or indeed for intersectionality, or a womanhood that is not comfortably represented in political agency. Experiences of the world which do not fit neatly into a category aren’t accounted for…

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Drawing of two people's hands next to a match.

Climate Crisis and The Cost of Living

Earth, for quite some time now has given us the warning signs that it is under threat. As a result, more and more people globally are experiencing the effects of the climate crisis as second nature. However the climate crisis in the UK is a less tangible issue as we are yet to experience complete devastation of food insecurity or natural hazards that occur within countries located in more unstable climate zones. Therefore, it is useful for us to explore our current cost of living crisis and then its intersections with climate justice.

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GOOD NEWS: A Win for Wild Places

Welcome to the first Good News instalment. Each month we will bring you some happier and
lighter news in relation to climate change and wild places. We are often shrouded with bleak
stories about the climate crisis, and in turn, this can create a negative space in our heads.
By also including some good news in your lives, we can instead choose to reclaim a sense
of hope and belonging…

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