Photography Project: Two images from 2021

Send in TWO PHOTOS OF YOUR YEAR ~ inspired by the prompts ‘Movement’ and ‘Stillness’. It’s been another year of extremes so we would love to see this reflected in your photography and art. So have a scroll on your camera roll, a trip down memory lane and send your TWO (only) images with a little description of what they’re about to for the chance to have them featured on our website! Deadline: 9th of Jan

Check out Elsa Pearl, our Creative Producer’s examples for some inspiration:


The first image is one of stillness to me as I took it on a lockdown walk in early Jan when I was feeling down and overwhelmed. The ice scattered on the surface of the canal I was passing reminds me of stars and gave me some space to breathe and reflect.’


‘The second I took of new friends I had met in the first week of my year abroad in Copenhagen. It makes me smile with how joyful and free it feels with their movement and knowing how close me and those girls have become since taking the image’