Meet the CB team: Rosalind Main

Meet the Clitbait Team: an interview with Rosalind Main, our Visual Artwork Editor…

Name and role:

Rosalind Main, Visual Artwork Editor.

Fun Fact:

I can turn almost anything into an amusing pun!

What does intersectional feminism mean to you?

It means to me, that everyones voice is heard and are all represented equally. 

What is your favourite thing about Clitbait?

My favourite thing is the community it brings, and the constant inspiration from others. working together to make voices heard and opinions validated. 

What inspires you?

Music, art and the resilience of others and what people can do when they set their minds to it. power comes from where you want it to and things happen when you create work people can relate to and feel inspired by.

What things do you do outside Clitbait that you are proud of?

I am a body positivity activist and contribute to the body positivity movement in Scotland through curating photoshoots, hosting events and appearing on radio and television discussing important issues around the topic. i’m very proud having cofounded a campaign that is growing with every project. 

A guilty feminist confession?

I still spandexes a lot of time on my hair when I should really let it be wild n free. 

A personal feminist triumph?

Being able to work and create art on themes I love and care about deeply with the support from many. it’s so crucial to understand that we have the power to make a change in society through creativity and using our voices. 

Rosalind Main, Visual Artwork Editor