Meet the CB team: Olivia Scher

Meet the Clitbait Team: Society & Community Editor…

Name, Pronouns and Role:

Olivia Scher (she/her), Society & Community Editor

Fun fact: 

Wherever I go, I will always take a notepad with me, you never know what might come to mind.

What does intersectional feminism mean to you? 

The inclusion of every and any person in the fight for equality with an understanding and analysis of the context in which they live.  Creating space and refusing to be limited in our definition of intersectional feminism.

What is your favourite thing about Clitbait?

The permission to not need permission to create and write from inside, to share your personal truth without judgement or limitation.

What inspires you?

People challenging the status quo.  Fearlessness in regard to telling your truth and standing up for what it is you believe in.  Refusing to be defined by others, choosing to define yourself.

What things do you do outside Clitbait that you are proud of?

Doing a monthly podcast episode for the Espresso Series Liverpool.  I am very passionate about the importance of discussion – I believe sharing and articulating your ideas, thoughts and feelings, as well as listening to others, are some of the most important skills us young woman can cultivate.  I love talking to new people and learning from them.

A guilty feminist confession?

I’m a feminist but I hold the belief that the way you look effects what you can get from life.  However, there are people all over the world challenging this notion, and I’m working through it too.  How we look should never hold us back.

A personal feminist triumph?

Stepping into my power as a young woman.  Refusing to be defined by what has happened to me but what it is that I do.  Daring myself to strive for everything that I want, unapologetically, and taking risks to open doors for myself, and as many people as possible.