Meet the CB team: Georgie Robertson

Meet the Clitbait Team: an interview with Georgie Robertson, our Graphic Designer…

Name and role:

Georgie Robertson, Graphic Designer

Fun fact:

I recently moved to Berlin!

What does intersectional feminism mean to you?

An egalitarian sisterhood of inclusivity in which no one gets left behind.

What is your favorite thing about Clitbait?

That so many wonderful women are sharing their views in such a unique space  

What inspires you?

Humanity, laughing, friends. art, good coffee

What things do you do outside Clitbait that you are proud of?

I’m currently working in video journalism, I also love art and recently spent a scary amount of lockdown time playing with clay.

A guilty feminist confession?

Don’t even know if this qualifies, but I have no problem not paying for drinks or the dinner on dates. Splitting the bill is not equality when 10 years of 17% pay gap adds up, sorry not sorry!

A personal feminist triumph?

Loving my body, unapologetically loving sex, maintaining a full but a fun bush.