Meet the CB team: Caitlin Flavell

Meet the Clitbait Team: an interview with Caitlin Flavell, our political editor…

Name, Pronouns and Role:

Caitlin Flavell (she/her), Politics Editor 

Fun fact:

I grew up in the most northerly town on the British mainland

What does intersectional feminism mean to you?

I’m aware the term was coined to mean considering that black women face both racism and sexism in your activism, but I believe at this point it’s come to mean considering and empowering the voices of people marginalised along all different axes. I think it comes down to acknowledging that no one’s perspective can be universal, and we wouldn’t want it to be!

What is your favourite thing about Clitbait?

Getting to work with so many cool writers! Everyone on the team is so passionate and fun, it’s great.

What inspires you?

At the risk of sounding cheesy, other women…whenever someone tries to tell me that “women are X, women are Y, women are just more likely to Z” I think about all the amazing women in my life and how different, how complex and multifaceted they all are. And that’s how I know they’re wrong!

What things do you do outside Clitbait that you are proud of?

I love playing Dungeons and Dragons and saying fuck you to sexist tropes in high fantasy! I’m a badass woman with a sword you can’t reduce me to a stereotype!

A guilty feminist confession?

I wish I didn’t like wearing make up! It’s used as a tool of the patriarchy but I can’t resist making my face all sparkly!

A personal feminist triumph?

It’s small and very singular to me, but the day that I decided to stop just tweeting about feminism and actually do something, which led to me getting this job, is one I’m pretty proud of.