Keep the Change

Here I am again, I thought. Unanchored, unmoored. 

Another break up and I felt lost. Where before there had been plans, dreams, ideas stretching ahead into the distance– a trip to Berlin, going to that new restaurant together, maybe a move abroad for our respective careers –there now was …nothing. Everything I’d envisioned and hoped for vanished overnight. 

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Isolation Solo

Isolation Solo


What do I want to prove?

To show that I am strong

I have everything within

Except fear.

I find

Home is the shell I carry 

Not these walls these borders these people

It’s this skin this heart this blood

These tears sweat muscles


Bare feet.


This time is a sanctum

An age to be alone, an era to be me,

A stretch to embrace.

This time is a sanctum

A mirrored studio to discover my own rhythm,

A workshop, with myself the great art.

Stretched on the table:

A half-drawn blueprint for me.

This time is a sanctum

A shelter to be emancipated of prying eyes, 

to relinquish expectations,

A theatre without audience, where I can

                                                                             drop the act.

This time is a sanctum

A gallery to roam

To observe my reflection.

To look at myself      and sit with myself.

To ask questions, probe, test.

To run away    

and run back.

To float, to taste, to scream, to sing.


Nothing to do, nowhere to be. 

                                                        Everything to do, 

                                                                                                  and everywhere to see.

Anastasia Georgousis

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A First-Hand Guide to Dating in Lockdown

Am I the only person that is bothering with dating while in lockdown? From the radio silence on social media and the responses I’ve been getting from my friends (‘What is the point?’ or ‘That’s weird’) it would seem most people aren’t too keen on the idea. Why bother when we can’t meet up with anyone? Why don’t we just wait until the end of lockdown?

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