Lovely just the way you are

 Lovely just the way you are

Wear your kajal or not

Soak yourself  in frankinscence   of lovely lilac scent or not 

Drape darling , with how you are ,

Drape darling, in  who you are 

Ornate bands of jasmine or not 

Buttery skin as sunshine or not 

Come darling with the essence of your love ,

Come darling with the essence of  bird flight and doves 

Blemishes as pink as the horizon havened in sun kissed dusk 

Or tans as swarthy brown as sandalwood skin ,

 Rise, ravish, pirouette, with all your mulmul soft heart.

Darling dwell daunting ,

dancing in the Meadows of topaz tiles ,

frolic in the gardens  abound like Babylonian highs.

Be as you are,

Explore the glistening sheen , the touch of skin 

The body a house of precious jewels 

Own the adornments in its art


 Love yourself,  lacquering  love in your skies . 

S. Rupsha Mitra 

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